Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things I am Thankful For

I know it is a couple of days after Thanksgiving but I still intend to remember the things I am thankful for. So here I go:

1. I am thankful for Nathan. No matter how frustrated or sad I have come home from school this year, he has always been patient and understanding through all my venting and sometimes even tears.

2. I am thankful for all my family. As my family continues to grow and we seem to spread out further and further, I am comforted to know that they are all healthy and safe. I am thankful for the memories they have all given me and I hope they all know how much I miss them.

3. I am thankful for my furry critters. Despite Mason's extrodinary age, he continues to offer love to all he comes in contact with. Him and Oscar have brought joy to so many in this town and they will not be easily forgotten. I am thankful that Harry was found after getting lost.

4. I am thankful for the fact I have made it so far in veterinary school when at one time the path seem endless. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. I am thankful that I have the opporutunity to do crafts. Without this outlet I fear intense burnout but instead get to express some of my own creative juices.

6. I am thankful that my time here in Oklahoma is almost comepleted. At times it has been a rough ride but I have learned some critial lessons on the importance of education, tolerance of others, and acceptance of those who may be different from you.

7. I am thankful for my own health. I am thankful for the gift to be able to walk with Nathan and Mason each night, to be able to see the world before me, and to ear everyday sounds.

8. I am thankful to live in a part of the country where I can express myself, have opinions, vote, and to have every door open to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and so you know what that means!!!! SALES!

What is Black Friday? Historically, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) refers to the busiest shopping day of the year and the "official" start of the holiday season. So why is just a glorious day have such a dark name? Well for most of the year, retailer's accounting books show no net profit and thus are marked in red. But it is on this day they cross the profit making line and thus their books now show black.

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Black Friday 2005