Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things I am Thankful For

I know it is a couple of days after Thanksgiving but I still intend to remember the things I am thankful for. So here I go:

1. I am thankful for Nathan. No matter how frustrated or sad I have come home from school this year, he has always been patient and understanding through all my venting and sometimes even tears.

2. I am thankful for all my family. As my family continues to grow and we seem to spread out further and further, I am comforted to know that they are all healthy and safe. I am thankful for the memories they have all given me and I hope they all know how much I miss them.

3. I am thankful for my furry critters. Despite Mason's extrodinary age, he continues to offer love to all he comes in contact with. Him and Oscar have brought joy to so many in this town and they will not be easily forgotten. I am thankful that Harry was found after getting lost.

4. I am thankful for the fact I have made it so far in veterinary school when at one time the path seem endless. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. I am thankful that I have the opporutunity to do crafts. Without this outlet I fear intense burnout but instead get to express some of my own creative juices.

6. I am thankful that my time here in Oklahoma is almost comepleted. At times it has been a rough ride but I have learned some critial lessons on the importance of education, tolerance of others, and acceptance of those who may be different from you.

7. I am thankful for my own health. I am thankful for the gift to be able to walk with Nathan and Mason each night, to be able to see the world before me, and to ear everyday sounds.

8. I am thankful to live in a part of the country where I can express myself, have opinions, vote, and to have every door open to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and so you know what that means!!!! SALES!

What is Black Friday? Historically, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) refers to the busiest shopping day of the year and the "official" start of the holiday season. So why is just a glorious day have such a dark name? Well for most of the year, retailer's accounting books show no net profit and thus are marked in red. But it is on this day they cross the profit making line and thus their books now show black.

Want to know where you can get in on these sales? Keep an eye on
Black Friday 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Links to Pumpkin Carving Templates

Why is it that every year around this time we have the strong urge to take a sharp knife to a large round veggie inorder to gorge out its insides and carve holes into the outside to reveal image that can be illuminated during that one special night?

Why do we call it a Jack-O-Lantern? Well at the risk of plagerisim I will just give you a link. It is actually an interesting story involving Stingy Jack and the Devil.
History of the Pumpkin

How to find pumpkin tempalates?

The Pumpkin Lady

Pumpkin Glow


Masterpiece Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

Extreme Pumpkins

Spook Master

Zombie Pumpkin

HP Activity Center

Original Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Pumpkin Plans

The Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin carving template for sports fans

Templates from Firebox

Templates from Windows

Templates from Hormel Foods

Notre Dame Templates

Bush Template

Well it is getting late...More updates later.. Don't forget to set your clocks back.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Laughing at the News

It is a little after 1am and I am trying to keep myself up so I can get on a night schedule for this week. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on a couple of articles in the news this week.

Man sought to match Bird's No. 33

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man got a prison term longer than prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to -- all because of Larry Bird.

The lawyers reached a plea agreement this week for a 30-year term for a man accused of shooting with an intent to kill and robbery. But Eric James Torpy wanted his prison term to match Bird's jersey number 33.

"He said if he was going to go down, he was going to go down in Larry Bird's jersey," Oklahoma County District Judge Ray Elliott said. "We accommodated his request and he was just as happy as he could be.

"I've never seen anything like this in 26 years in the courthouse. But, I know the DA is happy about it."

First let me escort you back to the first 2 words of this article. Oklahoma City. I have to say, this fact didn't surprise me. Of course it is a bit strange to pay homage to a member of a team that is oh..let's say 1000 miles away? Pay homage. Now let's remind ourselves what the definition is:
Homage is generally used in modern English to mean any public show of respect to someone to whom you feel indebted

Ok. So let me get this straight. So Mr. Torpy wants to public declare his respect (or probably obsession) for Bird by serving 3 extra years for a PRISON sentence b/c he shot someone. Wouldn't 33 roses have accomplished the same thing? Lucky for Bird, this guy will be indisposed for the lucky 33 years.

Ok. The next article...well it really isn't an article it is just my reaction to a segment on CNN after the Washington bomb scare on Friday. The reporter explained a few of the following details:

"claimed he was best friends with the president,"

He also mentioned something about how spiderman was after him and some other really off the wall stuff. Now what was really funny is that the reporter said it with a straight face. Not even a grimace. That is impressive, b/c I was laughing pretty hard.

Anyway, I think my brain is beginning to go into "sleep" mode so I am off to get a caffeinated product.

Until later.

Friday, October 21, 2005

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Acorns and ICU

Mason has been limping for a week and didn't seem to get any better. Historically, Mason isn't the most graceful dog and occasionally sprains something a limps for a few days. But I never saw him lick the top of his paw like he was now doing. I applied different types of pressures to his paw and moved it in all these directions and he elicited no pain...hmm, that was strange.

At school I brought this issue up and one of my classmate suggested that I really put my fingers up under his pads b/c goldens in Oklahoma tend to get things stuck up there. Ok. So when I got home after 12 that night I felt up in his pad and he tried to pull away as though it was painful. When I pulled my figure out I smelled a Staph. infection. So something was up, but I couldn't see with the light in the family room or without shaving.

The next night Nathan brought him up to school while I was on my ICU shift. We lifted him on the table and I shaved all the long airs off. I still couldn't see the problem. When I put a bright light up there I saw one of his pads was swelled and lacerated. I started pulled on the dried up pus and finally i pulled out 1/2 an acorn. How could he have fit 1/2 acorn up there is beyond me, but after we cleaned it up and wrapped it with bandages he was no longer limping and resumed being a happy doggie.

ICU Rotation

I am on my ICU rotation. What is that? Well all the small animal intensive care cases (the dogs on fluids, the hit by cars, the post-op dogs, the ashma cat...etc) go into ICU. They had this crazy schedule where you may work 7:30-4p one day and 12am-9am the next day, so my sleep schedule is totally wached. Nathan took this schedule a worked on it like a logic problem and ended up producing a really effecient schedule for future rotations...yea Nathan! Extra brownie points for me.

Anyway, I have learned quite a bit. I am practicing puting in catheters on legs. But I have gotten to put in a urinary catheter, a central venous catheter (in the neck), make up fluids, calculate fluid and drug dosages, etc etc. I think this is mainly a skills based rotation b/c in practice our techs will do most of this stuff but I guess we have to know how to do it so we can teach them.

One thing that has been sad is that we have had several animals who came in and were terminally ill. They were in pain, they were suffering, and their owners for one reason or another wouldn't put them down. I understand that isn't my decision to make and thus I can express my opinions in this format. Let's take Mason or Cody as an example. They have served as my devoted companions through thick and thin for over 11 years. No matter how busy I was or how long I was gone, they never questioned my love for them. They have stayed by my side. It would literally tear my insides out to have to watch my devoted companions, my loved ones die in such agony, to live in such an undignified matter, to sit there through their suffering being unable to help heal my own suffering.

So when is enough, enough? I have thought this many times myself and I asked a professor once who gave me an extremely insightful answer. Think of 3 things your animal LOVES to do. When your animal can no do these things then it may be time.


The other day (or rather the other week) I fired up my itunes program and for what seemed like the millionth time, the computer asked me to update my itunes software...........FINE!
After all was said and done, I notice this new menu..Podcast...what is that?

It seemed like a bunch of different internet radio shows that I could listen to on my own time without commercials. Cool!

So what has attracted me interest in the podcast world?

1. NPR's Story of the Day - this is a collection of stories about what many would think of as ordinary people and kind of gives a little insight about them.

2. Two Minute Photoshop Tricks : This is a great little podcast that allows you to tackle photoshop, one element at a time. I have been using Photoshop since about 2000 and I never new that CTRL + SHIFT + O opened a file brower menu where you could rename files in batches or add on copyright details to them.

3. Digital Photograph Tips From the Top Floor : I am not sure what i think about this yet. I may go back and listen to quiet a few of them when I have time to play with my camera (or when I get a new Digital Camera...hint, hint see Wish List ). There are alot of interviews with famous photographers. Let you know more about this later.

4. Mondays: What Sunday Threw up This is kind of has a Geek "Daily Show" feel to it. They talk about weird stuff you can buy off the internet (some of it you may actualyl find useful)and segments like "You are Dumber Than me" (one episode described a crack addict pulled over by a cop and his drug sniffing dog and how the addict tried to distract the dog by throwing dog treats out the window). But they have on a few occasions had to made public apologies for offending one group or another, so if you are easily offended I would not listen.

5. MuggleNet We all have dirty secrets...well I like Harry Potter and I have no problem listening to this 16 year old and 20 year old discuss HP. It is actually more insightful than you would think and they try to have intellegent answers to everyone's questions.

6.Purina Well since Purina is the greatest Pet food company, how could their podcast be any bad? This is acually taken from a radio show segment in St. Louis (Purina's headquarters) where they have a vet who answers questions and provides explainations for those ever present mysteries, like ...why do cats purr? I have actually learned a few things from him.

7. Newsweek on the Air This is a weekly program about various highlights in the news. Hard to say much about it, but if you are a CNN or MSNBC watching type of person you will probably enjoy this. I have enjoyed some of their stories (esecially about the Bird Flu)

8. Phone Taps, Romeo's Celebrity Crank Calls, Z100 Interviews, Adventures of Greg T the Frat Boy I grew up listening to NYC's Z100. And I just about flipped when I saw this on itunes. Nothing brings back more memories of the tri-state area then a pissed off Brooklyn, Italian, man who is being lead on by a loved one over the radio. Great stuff.

9. Science Friday Just because I don't have class doesn't mean I am not interested in learning a little science. The dog flu was especially interesting (and I hope will be helpful on my boards).

10. SCRAPcast I originally thought, how can you talk about scrapbooking with no visuals? Well this lady does a fantastic job about talking about her own experiences or describing projects. I learned a ton on how to organize my scrapstuff. One of my favorites.

11. Street Stories Everyone has an interesting story to tell and this cast tells it. Quite inspiring.

12. Genealogy Guys Here is my other secret...I am a genealogy buff. I love family history. I so wish this podcast aired more than once a week, I have learned a ton just from the few I have listened to. They talk about everything genealogy from DNA genealogy to Genealogy confrences. And if you have questions, they will try take them into consideration for future shows.

13. Who Said Are you a literature buff? Well test your knowledge. This caster will read an excerp from a book or poem and you have to think of who said it. She reveals the answer on the next pod cast.

Others - These are some new ones that I haven't really checked out yet but I am working on it.

Crafty Chica
Craft Pod


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Humping Puppy

Last night, Nathan was playing around with the outside light. When he opened the door he saw this dog but ran off at the sight of him. A few minutes later, I saw Mason's tail in the backyard start to wag and I went outside again and saw the pup. The dog ran away again. A few minutes after that, I hear it whining and I got in the backyard and the pup has run around the duplexes to the back of the fence and was trying to get in to be with Mason. At this point I opened the fence and used Mason to try to get the pup to come back over to the front of the house and get into the gate, which he did. I quickely put Mason in the house so I could get closer to the dog. It looked like a border terrier mix, young (1yr), unneutered but it would come close to me. Nathan and I sat on the swing for a while but he wasn't interested. Nathan went back in and I decided to pat the space next to me...and POP, up came the dog onto my lap. He was a nudgy little thing too when I stopped petting him, and even gave me a little kiss. He didn't look like a stray, well fed and a very clean/shiny coat. But after he had his fill of petting he started humping my arm and then my leg. But at this point I had to go up to school to take a radiograph a ferret so, I left him outside and left. When I came back, Nathan said the pup had been crying and howling the whole time. Being too tired to deal with it, I just closed the blinds and hoped he would settle down outside and then today I would look for his owners. And after a little while he did quiet down. This morning I got up and he was gone. He had dug a little hole in the same place where Harry got out and left. I hope he found his way home.

Finding Harry

Ok, so I forgot to finish the epic of finding Harry. As the day went on Nathan finally called those guys on my cell phone and then his. Of course they stopped answering and we were rerouted to their voice mail. This guy is named Casey. At this point we just figured that they were druken fools.

Then next morning I get a call and a lady says..."I found your tortoise!" I was so excited. She gave me her address and I threw on some clothes (since I was still in my pjs) and ran over there. And so it happens, this lady and her husband (retirement aged) were moving into their new house, one street above us and they saw this tortoise walking up the street. She remembered seeing my signs hung up around the neighborhood and called. Nathan and I baked them brownies and got to meet their dog. So to make a long story short, Harry is back home.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lots to Talk about

Wow, it has been a long time since i have written (but isn't that how I start most of my blogs). Lots to talk about, so I will outline my thoughts in attempt to restore some order in my head.

1. It's Labor Day weekend. For a while now I have been thinking of getting Harry a wife b/c I really want to see if I could get them to breed. I have a few "wanted" ads out for a female (and another male or female for Adam). I was even going to build him a nice new cage this weekend. Well I let him outside with Mason, as I always do and when I went to get him at dusk, he was gone. We looked everywhere around the yard and he wasn't around. I only place I can think of that he got out was a small hole where the fence meets the house. But he never goes over to that area. Ok, so this morning I searched for him in the area behind the house. I made up Pet Lost signs and hung them up. I get a calla few hours later from some guy who says he found a tortoise and wanted me to ID him. For crying out loud, I had two pics of him on the flyer with a description of the breed. He then tells me he will have to call back later when I ask if I can take a look at him. I call an hour later and he says his friend is "on the can". Nathan has called 2 times. The guy is not advoiding us. What the really annoying part is, is that I have resucued so many pets while living in these duplexes. I clean them up, feed them, and find where they belong. So why do I deserve to get jacked by one of my low-life neighbors? I have his cell number and his first name and he lives in one if the duplexes around me.

I have more to say on other worldly events but I am too angry right now to go into it. Maybe later.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Weekly Vent

Walmart has been good to us over the last 3 years. I mean they provide us with 90% of everything anyone could possibly want in a small southern town. But are people's lives really that slow that shopping at Wally World needs to be a family outing? It has gotten to the point that I despise going to WM on the weekend. On Sat afternoon, after church on Sundays, lazy Sunday after noons, it doesn't matter their they are parents and their gaggle of kids.
Now they aren't all the same. There are the kids who wonder in the middle of the aisles or in front of your cart clueless to the world here on earth. Then there are the hyperactive, sugar induced, boundless energy rockets who sprint from one thing to another or after each other. What is worst is when these kids get a hold of a cart. NO isn't cute where your little bundle of terror rams into anything stationary or moving. Let's not for get the emotionally charged children, who possess a unique talent of skipping the crying phase of discontent and go right into that bone-chilling, down your spine, nails on the chalkboard scream when they do not get their way. C'mon people, shopping will go MUCH faster if one parent/friend/sig other ---whatever, stays home with the kids while you do your shopping in a more effecient matter. If only there was this much parental participation at the library or in the park.

More Wally World complains from our lovely southern community. Parking. No matter what time of day you visit WM, there are going to be a fair amount of people there with you. Thus there is going to be a fairly large amount of cars in the parking lot. GO WITH THE FLOW PEOPLE! You are not going to melt if you have to walk 10 extra steps int he parking lot, heck most of you can use the extra steps. DON'T HOLD UP TRAFFIC WAITING for a close spot, when there is a free spot only a few steps down. ARG!

Ok, are you wondering why I am cranky? I came home from two wonderful days at a Scrapbook Convention in Tulsa (it was a blast), to a house that was 90 degrees. Nathan is at a customer site, so Mason and Oscar where home alone. Well sometime over the less then 48 hours I was gone, the a/c finally broke (we were waiting for it to die for a few weeks now). The a/c guy says he doesn't want to touch it while it is raining...and of course this is the weekend mother-nature decides to end our drought. So I have the windows open and the fans going. Our bedroom is missing a screen in the window, so I hot glued screen material to the window so I could attempt an airflow system with the fans. But I did not have much luck. Mason can't decide weather he wants to lay outside in the rain where it is cooler or inside where it is dry and hot. I had to lock the screen door since Oscar kept letting himself outside, so he could lay in the grass and graze it.

Ok, I am done ranting for the moment.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Man do I miss ice cream!

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Back of Rotations

On Monday I started back on my rotation schedule with Anesthesia. I am in it for the long haul now, but the 3 week rotations seem to go fast. I think of all the rotations I was most "unsure" (for lack of a better word) about starting Anesthesia. There are just so many combinations of chemicals that can be used depending on the animal, the age, the disposition, the health problems, the surgical procedure...etc, etc. But even though I have now been though Jr. Surgery and my Animal Shelter rotation where I was responsible for performing anesthesia, I still feel unconfident. I am hoping this will change at the next couple of weeks go on.

Today, was a great treat, as we had a rescued young lion from a local safari sancuary come in to get spayed. I got to be the student anesthesiologist. Even though she was still fairly young and still had most of her kitten we had to take lots of safety precausions. But she was beautiful and still had most of her spots! I never knew that African lions don't lose their spots until they are a couple of years old. The owner (and director of the park) was telling us that many people are trying to breed these lions in captivity (and with poor genetics) , which he didn't agree with, so hence the surgery. He mentioned that some people (not his facility) also gets their exotic cats declawed. I was really suprised at this, since these animals are still considered wild and thus dangerous. Removing their claws is not going to change fact or make them more "tame". Are these people worried about their big cats scratching the furniture? Anyway it was quite an experience and there are pictures on our photo website if you are interested.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Catching up

Well, it has been awhile (I think I always start my blogs out like that ) but I needed a break from putting my scrapbook projects together (sorry can't disclose the details about it right now). I just finished up my second week of vacation.

On Thursday, I went to a new doctor for a physical and to write some prescriptions for me (of which I already had my NJ doc mail over my medical records). I am sitting on the lovely tissue paper covered exam table when the nurse informs me, the doc won't write my prescriptions b/c he doesn't believe in them. Annoyed, my first thought was "only in Oklahoma", I said there was no point in me being here. Well she talked to another doc in the practice who will write those prescriptions and just happen to have an opening since he was only there for 1/2 a day. So I wait some more and get to see him. In talking I show him my mole on my tummy which had mutated into a 3-D, multi-color, glob (quite unsightly). The coversation went as follows:
Doc: Let's take it off
Me: Today? Here? (with panic in my voice, trying to construct a quick excuse in my head for I am NOT a good patient).
Doc: Sure'
Me: Are you sure? (yes, I know, I need to work on my quick witty answers)
Doc: Sure, why not?
And so I was led off, had the area numbed, and biosied, with 2 stiches to show for it. I told the doc I didn't need to come back to have them taken out...since i have suture scissors at home. But at least he wrote my prescriptions.

Yesterday, Nathan and I took Mason swimming at a rather large man-made ditch up the road. I was hoping to give Mason some theraputic exercise since he can't walk very far anymore. We tried to get him to fetch the sticks but he would go after them and only bring them back half way. At the very end he remembered how to play fetch and would bring the stick back on shore. It is sad to see him get old. I asked my professor once, when do you know it is time. His reply was, think of 3 things your dog loves to do and when he can't do it any longer without showing alot of pain or is no longer interested, then it is time. At least Mason still has great yearnings for his stuff animals and to be petted.

Oscar misses having Anya to play with and his toad seem to have disappeared while on vacation, so he has taken a great attachment to my chest and for 3-4 days after we got back from vacation he was pretty much attached to me. But he still has mini-duck butt. Which brings up a rather unusual situation. He carries around mini-duck butt by the scruff and talked to it. At night (and I mean everynight) he puts duck butt in the water bowl. Now is he trying to bathe it or drown it?

Over vacation, I have been trying to catch up with my books on CD. Here are my synopsis:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I actually read this while in Duluth): I enjoyed the alteration of Harry's attitude from angry adolescent to determined and at times horny teen. I think the whole love triangle b/w Ron and Herononie and the others was a bit over done but I guess that is the way it is with most teenagers. But the true question is: Is Snape really evil? Nathan seems to think Snape is really on the side of the Order and had previously worked out with Dumbledore to kill him it the situation arose. I think this makes more and more sense to me, but I will have to wait another 2 years for the answer.

Hiliary Clinton's Living History: Well written and appeared sincere. I still believe Hilary is a brillant, determined, woman who only seems to become stronger with each struggle she has faced in the public eye. I hope that she choses to run in 2008 for president, b/c if any woman had a chance at being elected to office, it would be her.

The Best American Non-Required Reading: A strange set of essays. I really didn't care for most of them. I did like Stuff and Saint Chola. Stuff talked about material belongings from the point of view of a young homeless addict girl/woman. It really makes you think about the things that hold you down and in some cases define who you are. Saint Chola was about a Muslim girl who became of age in today's age in a US jr high school and the strength she found within herself to be proud of her culture and where she came from.

An Unfinshed Life: A story mainly about a young 10 year old girl who has spent her life drifting from one abusive home to another with her mom, only to finally land back with her paternal grandfather who hates his daughter-in-law who was driving the night her husband (his son) died in a drunken car crash. It started off slow and took awhile to get a hold of all the characters but picked up in the middle when the two families back back together. Again, alot of themes about "stuff" and the material things that follow us around but also the search to find a "home" with people you love. A sweet, almost Oprah-ist like book.

The Great Fire: I think I am going to stop listening to this book. There really is no plot line and it is really hard to keep track of all the characters. The transitions from memories to present day is very weak and hard to follow. However, the time period is very interesting (which is why I rented the book in the first place). It takes place in post-war Hiroshima, Japan.

Next: Life of Pi.

Ok that is it for now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Duluth Day 1

Well, it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog. It has been a very busy 3 weeks on equine medicine, have of that rotation i couldn't sleep b/c I kept having dreams I was a persistant carrier of Salmonella (which of course isn't true).

But now I am relaxing in Duluth, MN with the Pitel side of the family. We are staying at a warehouse that was converted into suites. I think our room has more square footage then our duplux. It has 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining room, jacuzzi and a sauna!

This morning we walked along the water and watched the ships come in. Adam got yelled at over the loud speaker by the bridgeguard for sitting on the Coast Guard ship. We then sat by the rocks in which I made a feble attempt at skipping rocks.

For lunch we went to Grandma's (which use to be a brothel for lonely sailors back in the days). After lunch we went to the Great Lakes Aquarium. It wasn't quite an aquarium but Nathan and I had a ton of fun playing with the water exhibit of the great lakes and how they are connected with canals. After the aquarium, we came back to the room for some R and R. Nathan, Adam, and I went down for appetizers where Adam got a beer without an id. Anyway, that is our day thus far.

Friday, June 24, 2005

PS: Random Facts for a Dinner Party

Ok, Today was my last day on necropsy duty. A 16 year old cow with horns came in and there was a request from one of the clinicans that she wanted the skull. So I volunteers to....well for lack of a better word....scalp it. Btw, what a great work out for your arms. Anyway I wondered how they would get the rest of the "meat" off of the skull so that it would be nice and clean for mounting. What they do is put it in a vat of rumen juice and water for 4 months and let the bacteria eat away all of the non-bone material. THought that was kind of interesting.

The Madness of Mad Cow Disease

Good grief. Today, another case of BSE was reported in Washington State. Thus I expect to see another round of mass hysteria as uneducated consumers become paniced that tomorrow they themselfs will start frothing at the mouth and disoriented. That in addition to the conspiracy theories that are rapidly spreading that the USDA is "hiding" other cases from the media. So everyone take out your purses and cash in your bonds b/c you are going to be paying for it, if you want to eat meat.

Its frustration how fast, uneducated rumors fly around. First of all there are millions upon millions of cattle slaugtered each year in addition to the theory this BSE can only be transmitted via neural tissue (brain and spinal cord). I don't know about you but cow brain has never been and will never be at the top of my dinner menu. Ok, ok, so the verdict is still out on blood, milk, and semen. But it if does come back that BSE can be transmitted like this, I assume it would have to be in quanities beyond our ability to in take. So...I think Americans have more to worry about (obesity, diabetes, cancer, AIDS) then whether or not they would fit into that minuscule percentage in which they may fit only in the "at risk" range. I would rather spend my time worrying about a volcanic eruption in Oklahoma (at least the percentages are better).

There are ALOT of reportable diseaes that vets have to keep an eye out for. If an animal presents with symptoms that "could" be associated with a reportable disease then you call the state vet and they take care of the investigation. Vets are obligated (by law) to err on the safe side. So although a full fledged investigation may be conducted, the results more than likely are going to be negative for BSE, and thus is not reported to the media.

So word of wisdom for the day: Educate yourself before becoming Chicken Little

Monday, June 20, 2005

Ten Things That Annoy You When You Drive

10. When pedestrians are chatting on the cell phone and walking right into the street without looking. One day I won't be so nice and I WILL run you and your cellie over.

9. People who can't go the speed limit on the highway

8. Tailgaiters...sorry that includes you too mom. Riding my ass is not going to get me over in the other lane any sooner.

7. In construction zones, where 2-3 lanes merge into one and there is always a long line of people waiting their turn to get pass the construction. Yet for some reason some "better then thou" people decide it is their privilege to wait until the past possible moment to merge thereby skipping their "wait time" in line.

6. People who allow their dogs to ride free in the back of their pick-up trucks, going 80 mph down the highway. Heelers are not the smartest creatures, it is NOT uncommon for one of your heelers to lean just a "little" too far.

5. Rubber neckers. I know it is fascinating to see the EMTs scrap remains off the road, but people PLEASE! keep on driving. Curiosity killed the cat.

4. If you smoke...fine, that is your own business. But for heaven's sake, use the ashtrays in your car. Flicking a smoldering scrap, of nicotine laden, cigarette remains is a great way to gain enemies real quick.

3. Ok, you LAZY customers at WALMART. The parking lot is cramped already, there are always massive amounts of customers hopping in and out of Walmart. But when you wait ten minutes for a mom of 3 to load her kids and her week's worth of groceries in to a car so you can get that "first" parking spot and not have to walk that extra 20 feet, I think you may have problems. It is one thing if you are legidmately disabled or elderly but other then that, I think everyone can use the exercise.

2. My car doesn't have an invisible forcefield. Thus, becareful when getting out of your car or putting your shopping carts away.

1. People who talk on cells phones while driving and think they are all of a sudden cruising alone over a bunch of fluffy clouds. They slow down, speed up, swerve from one lane to another, cut in front of people, miss traffic lights.

Festival of the Pet

On Sunday Mason and I volunteered at "Festival of the Pet" in Oklahoma City. We helped man the "Paws for Friendship" booth. Mason drew alot of attention (as he always does) and by the end of the day I had come to expect the same exact conversation with each person. Curious attendee: "What kind of dog is he?" Me: "A golden retriever" Curious attendee: : " He's HUGE!, Look at those paws". Yes, yes, I know my dog is big boned. And yes, he is full bred and even hit the show circuit as a youngster. No, he isn't part Great Pyrenese.

Oh, well. We had a good time. I got some really cheap dog toys to try and replace the much missed Duck Butt, whose place has yet to be filled.

Here is one an "interesting" art form we saw:

Red, white and blue poodle Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Feud over Pig Diarrhea

Ok, now that I have had close to a week to fume, digest, and now think logically about the whole situation I should begin the story about my Grand Rounds topic. Every 4th year student must give a 20 minute presentation about any topic they wish, as long as it has to due with veterinary medicine. Then each Friday morning 2 students give their presentations. In preparation for our national board review exam I wanted to do a "review" presentation on pig diarrhea ( a populuar topic on the boards which most schools spend little time on). Six weeks ago I found my advisor and started collecting info and checking out books. Well this pass Friday after the morning presentations, I got an opportunity to chat with a friend who just returned to the vet school from his off campus rotations. I was telling him about my Grand Rounds Topic, how I have been working on it. In our talk, he reminded me I had to sign up for the presentation. Anyway, later in the day, as I was walkign into the Pathology building he drove up in his car and said that one of the Ross University students had over heard our conversation this morning and ran downstairs to sign up my topic. Of all the topics she could possibly do, why did this girl (whom I don't even know) decide to steal my idea. Ok, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe the story isn't the way it appears. I went to talk to the secretary you sign up with. She had signed up for the same topic as I did, word for word and hadn't even found an advisor. I believe that flames where literally coming out of my ears I was so pissed I could hardly contain my anger. The secretary agreed to talk it over with the clinican involved in the presentation. So after coming to see her several times, she said "you can both do the same topic, just sit down with her and make sure you review different subjects". it the ole' Oklahoma way, avoid the confrentation and pass the buck. I must have rolled my eyes or raised my eyebrows at this b/c then she said, well you tell her what you are doing your topic on and if she has a problem, tell her to come see me. Fine, not the way I would have handled it considering her level of dishonesty and the fact her presenation is 2 weeks before mine, making me look like the idot for doing the same topic twice. oh, and after asking around to seee "who she was" I always get these sour faces and evidentely she doesn't have the best reputation. I can see why.

Ok so that is my vent for the day.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Is it Monday already? Why is it that the weekend goes by so fast ? At least I got alot of "chores done". On Sat morning, Nathan and I made a deal. He would come with me to the Garden Show and I would wash his car. We get to the garden show and I ask where all the demos are going to be held, since this is what I really want to see. The woman says all the demo's have been canceled due to "threat" of rain. Funny? it was sunny out . So we just walked around the gardens a bit amongst grey haired couples with their sun hats on. But to make this long paragraph shorter, Nathan was kind enough to help me wash our cars. On Sunday, he taught me how to wax my Corolla. All the while, scenes from "The Karate Kid" run though my mind....wax on....wax off.

On Friday I was in a major purging mode due to a highly dishonest incident played on me at school. So I decided to reorganize all my notes from years 1-3 of vet school. Not (from what I soon found out) an easy task. For 2 days I had papers spewed everywhere in an attempt to condense the useful papers from the crap I would never look at again. Mission accomplished...Sat night.

On Friday, Nathan and I also had dinner with a friend of ours from Wisconsin, who had spent the week here in Stillwater take his CPE exam. We worked in the Orthopaedic Lab back in they day. IT was great to catch up with him and meet his new wife who was very sweet.

On Sunday, Mason, Oscar, and I went to the nursing home. Most people where sleeping, but that didn't stop the nursing from giggling at Oscar who walks on a leash right next to Mason as though he were a dog. What a pair. Some of the residents really like have both of them nudge each other out of the way for their undivided attention.

I am still waiting for Adam to fulfill his bet with me (over the NCAA game WI vs Bucknell) or should I rename you Scanning Slave :-D .

Ok, Ok enough procrastinating. Gotta do my assignment for tonight and study a few topics for Natioal Boards.

Ok my fun site for the day: . An who said that cats aren't tolerant?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

10 Things You Wish You Knew When You Were in High School

Saw this meme challenge on my favorite scrapbook website Two Peas In A Bucket.

10 Things You Wish You Knew When You Were in High School
  1. Popularity in high school is a "club" of its own. In HS, being cool, having all the designer clothes, dating the guys on the sports teams, doing drugs...etc, etc...was what gained you entrace. But once in college, these people all of a sudden became nobodies and often became lost in places that encouraged individuality. Those of us who were considered the "geeks" however bloomed because we had learned in high school that a person is not measured by how well he/she fits in but rather how she/he can approach a challenge through unique and creative views.
  2. Be confident of who you are. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, get involved in activities, or approach people.
  3. My gullibility is written right across my face. Don't let people take advantage of you.
  4. Don't get so emotionally involved in everyone's problems and failures. At some point you just need to step back and say, I have done all that I can.
  5. My temper is out of control. Learn to control it before something got really hurt.
  6. It is not what you say, it is how you say it that counts. Bluntness is only appropriate in some situations. Learn the art of tact.
  7. There are some great non-political show-animal organizations out there that rewards kids for their hard effort of raising, caring, and showing livestock and small ruminants.
  8. Just b/c you touch a computer, it doesn't mean that you are destined to be an electrical engineer.
  9. Stand up for what you believe in or in situations where you feel wrongs are being committed.
  10. I am not odd in thinking there is more to life than material goods, exotic vacations, and an uppity personality

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ok, ok I know I have given into the Jones and joined the rat sue me. But I know I don't have 36 hours in a day I would love to have to keep in touch with y'all (Like my Oklahoma accent?). So this gives me a way to catch up or say hi and let you know that I thinking of you even though I may not see or talk to you for a while.

So here I go!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

1st official post

Ok, I thought this thingy was suppose to be easy? I can't figure out how to make it look less unfinished. Oh well, maybe b/c I am tired.

Hmmm...a quick update on me? I am on my third veterinary rotation as a 4th year: Diagnostics. What does that mean? well in the morning we look at slides and in the afternoon we cut up the animals that die over in the vet hospital (necropsy). The smells in the necropsy room definetely take you back to freshman dog and horse anatomy. Our schedule isn't as "time consuming" as some of the other rotations, so I am using that time to prepare my 20 minute presenation for Grand Rounds and study for my National Boards.

Enough with vet school, what else is going on? Well it is summer in Stillwater. The temp reaches 90 degrees before 8am but on the plus side WalMart is not as busy since the students left.
Question of the day: How do you know you live in a small town?
Answer: You are excited that WalMart is remodeling.

Anya (the doggie we adopted for Logan and Kristin) is adjusting well to home life. We heard her bark for the first time last night at the handy man working next door. She is no longer petrified of Oscar and they spend their days chasing each other around the house. Oscar has found a brand new "spot" to hamper. He picked up his mini-duck butt animal and jumped into the hamper for a nice snooze. When he was done he picked duck-butt up and dragged him out of the hamper. Only Mason could have taught a cat to love stuff animals. Oscar has also developed a new hobby. Apparentely, toads like to sit next to our sliding glass door at night and of course Oscar must watch them intenetly for any sudden moves.

It is getting late. I better get all the pets ready for bed.