Monday, June 19, 2006

This weekend, Nathan and I headed to Madison to visit Cameron. Upon getting there he introduced us to his roomie's foster kitties. She is fostering them for a couple of weeks, to get them socialized and used to people before they are "fixed" and adopted out to new homes. Take a look at the precious faces:

Then we headed up to Nathan's parents house so that Nathan could play golf with his dad on father's day.

Arg...I guess I am not really in the writing mood so I will end it here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 11th

This week I started my new job. They are breaking me in slow by allowing me to observe the hospital and all the inner workings this week. It also gave me a great chance to get to know everyone and to see what they do on a daily basis. I even got to see two routine appointments.

Mason seems to be doing alot better. His limp has improved and is now just a little stiff into he morning. But he is enjoying the beautiful weather and loves to spend the majority of the day outside nibbling on his stuffed animals. Oscar got a little jealous that he was outside and has started going on on a leash in the evenings. Oscar even made a new friend.....a young Labrador puppy a couple of doors down. They are both about the same size (which won't last long) but they have a good time playing.

The day before I started work I got my new Betty Crocker Cooky Book in. This is suppose to be all the best cookie recipes and so I was anxious to try it out. With Nathan's help we make these Coffee, raisin, nut bars. They looked so good in the picture but I was definitely disappointed in the outcome. They were bland and really chewy. I took them into work anyway but they weren't a big hit.

I am working on two quilts at the moment. The top on one is almost done and it turned out better than my previous two quilts. I am slowly getting a handle on the whole precision concept. Now I will be working on the other quilt top before I add the batting and back to both of them.
I have also been playing with my new camera. I entered a weekly photo contest with the goal not to come in last. Luckily I succeeded. But I am in dire need of more practice. I also most disqualified since the photo I antiqued using Photoshop appeared like it had been scanned in but after a little explanation of what I did I was deemed qualified. But when I come up with some better composed photographs I will link them on here. This week's themes are 1. Indulgence (excess if the name of the game) 2. Frames.