Sunday, September 18, 2005

Humping Puppy

Last night, Nathan was playing around with the outside light. When he opened the door he saw this dog but ran off at the sight of him. A few minutes later, I saw Mason's tail in the backyard start to wag and I went outside again and saw the pup. The dog ran away again. A few minutes after that, I hear it whining and I got in the backyard and the pup has run around the duplexes to the back of the fence and was trying to get in to be with Mason. At this point I opened the fence and used Mason to try to get the pup to come back over to the front of the house and get into the gate, which he did. I quickely put Mason in the house so I could get closer to the dog. It looked like a border terrier mix, young (1yr), unneutered but it would come close to me. Nathan and I sat on the swing for a while but he wasn't interested. Nathan went back in and I decided to pat the space next to me...and POP, up came the dog onto my lap. He was a nudgy little thing too when I stopped petting him, and even gave me a little kiss. He didn't look like a stray, well fed and a very clean/shiny coat. But after he had his fill of petting he started humping my arm and then my leg. But at this point I had to go up to school to take a radiograph a ferret so, I left him outside and left. When I came back, Nathan said the pup had been crying and howling the whole time. Being too tired to deal with it, I just closed the blinds and hoped he would settle down outside and then today I would look for his owners. And after a little while he did quiet down. This morning I got up and he was gone. He had dug a little hole in the same place where Harry got out and left. I hope he found his way home.

Finding Harry

Ok, so I forgot to finish the epic of finding Harry. As the day went on Nathan finally called those guys on my cell phone and then his. Of course they stopped answering and we were rerouted to their voice mail. This guy is named Casey. At this point we just figured that they were druken fools.

Then next morning I get a call and a lady says..."I found your tortoise!" I was so excited. She gave me her address and I threw on some clothes (since I was still in my pjs) and ran over there. And so it happens, this lady and her husband (retirement aged) were moving into their new house, one street above us and they saw this tortoise walking up the street. She remembered seeing my signs hung up around the neighborhood and called. Nathan and I baked them brownies and got to meet their dog. So to make a long story short, Harry is back home.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lots to Talk about

Wow, it has been a long time since i have written (but isn't that how I start most of my blogs). Lots to talk about, so I will outline my thoughts in attempt to restore some order in my head.

1. It's Labor Day weekend. For a while now I have been thinking of getting Harry a wife b/c I really want to see if I could get them to breed. I have a few "wanted" ads out for a female (and another male or female for Adam). I was even going to build him a nice new cage this weekend. Well I let him outside with Mason, as I always do and when I went to get him at dusk, he was gone. We looked everywhere around the yard and he wasn't around. I only place I can think of that he got out was a small hole where the fence meets the house. But he never goes over to that area. Ok, so this morning I searched for him in the area behind the house. I made up Pet Lost signs and hung them up. I get a calla few hours later from some guy who says he found a tortoise and wanted me to ID him. For crying out loud, I had two pics of him on the flyer with a description of the breed. He then tells me he will have to call back later when I ask if I can take a look at him. I call an hour later and he says his friend is "on the can". Nathan has called 2 times. The guy is not advoiding us. What the really annoying part is, is that I have resucued so many pets while living in these duplexes. I clean them up, feed them, and find where they belong. So why do I deserve to get jacked by one of my low-life neighbors? I have his cell number and his first name and he lives in one if the duplexes around me.

I have more to say on other worldly events but I am too angry right now to go into it. Maybe later.