Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Weekly Vent

Walmart has been good to us over the last 3 years. I mean they provide us with 90% of everything anyone could possibly want in a small southern town. But are people's lives really that slow that shopping at Wally World needs to be a family outing? It has gotten to the point that I despise going to WM on the weekend. On Sat afternoon, after church on Sundays, lazy Sunday after noons, it doesn't matter their they are parents and their gaggle of kids.
Now they aren't all the same. There are the kids who wonder in the middle of the aisles or in front of your cart clueless to the world here on earth. Then there are the hyperactive, sugar induced, boundless energy rockets who sprint from one thing to another or after each other. What is worst is when these kids get a hold of a cart. NO isn't cute where your little bundle of terror rams into anything stationary or moving. Let's not for get the emotionally charged children, who possess a unique talent of skipping the crying phase of discontent and go right into that bone-chilling, down your spine, nails on the chalkboard scream when they do not get their way. C'mon people, shopping will go MUCH faster if one parent/friend/sig other ---whatever, stays home with the kids while you do your shopping in a more effecient matter. If only there was this much parental participation at the library or in the park.

More Wally World complains from our lovely southern community. Parking. No matter what time of day you visit WM, there are going to be a fair amount of people there with you. Thus there is going to be a fairly large amount of cars in the parking lot. GO WITH THE FLOW PEOPLE! You are not going to melt if you have to walk 10 extra steps int he parking lot, heck most of you can use the extra steps. DON'T HOLD UP TRAFFIC WAITING for a close spot, when there is a free spot only a few steps down. ARG!

Ok, are you wondering why I am cranky? I came home from two wonderful days at a Scrapbook Convention in Tulsa (it was a blast), to a house that was 90 degrees. Nathan is at a customer site, so Mason and Oscar where home alone. Well sometime over the less then 48 hours I was gone, the a/c finally broke (we were waiting for it to die for a few weeks now). The a/c guy says he doesn't want to touch it while it is raining...and of course this is the weekend mother-nature decides to end our drought. So I have the windows open and the fans going. Our bedroom is missing a screen in the window, so I hot glued screen material to the window so I could attempt an airflow system with the fans. But I did not have much luck. Mason can't decide weather he wants to lay outside in the rain where it is cooler or inside where it is dry and hot. I had to lock the screen door since Oscar kept letting himself outside, so he could lay in the grass and graze it.

Ok, I am done ranting for the moment.


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