Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lots to Talk about

Wow, it has been a long time since i have written (but isn't that how I start most of my blogs). Lots to talk about, so I will outline my thoughts in attempt to restore some order in my head.

1. It's Labor Day weekend. For a while now I have been thinking of getting Harry a wife b/c I really want to see if I could get them to breed. I have a few "wanted" ads out for a female (and another male or female for Adam). I was even going to build him a nice new cage this weekend. Well I let him outside with Mason, as I always do and when I went to get him at dusk, he was gone. We looked everywhere around the yard and he wasn't around. I only place I can think of that he got out was a small hole where the fence meets the house. But he never goes over to that area. Ok, so this morning I searched for him in the area behind the house. I made up Pet Lost signs and hung them up. I get a calla few hours later from some guy who says he found a tortoise and wanted me to ID him. For crying out loud, I had two pics of him on the flyer with a description of the breed. He then tells me he will have to call back later when I ask if I can take a look at him. I call an hour later and he says his friend is "on the can". Nathan has called 2 times. The guy is not advoiding us. What the really annoying part is, is that I have resucued so many pets while living in these duplexes. I clean them up, feed them, and find where they belong. So why do I deserve to get jacked by one of my low-life neighbors? I have his cell number and his first name and he lives in one if the duplexes around me.

I have more to say on other worldly events but I am too angry right now to go into it. Maybe later.

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