Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lots of Random things

I have several very unrelated items to cover so instead of trying to find an imaginative way to transition b/w them I am going to take the easy way out and just make a list (my very favorite way to organize my life).

1. Adam has outdone himself once again. The engineering college at Bucknell has a yearly intercollegiate competition b/w all the engineering departments. One of these categories is a film. So who else would take on the Electrical Engineering film other than Adam. It is his best film yet and due to the riots and rage that flared up when he came in second (b/c his department did not do as exceptional in the other competitions), the committee has decided to change the judging rules of the competition to include more emphasis on the film so that another such defeat will not occur. To view this video go to:
The newest film is the last one listed.

2. Congrats to Holli and Jason! They are expecting a stork arrival on or around Oct 30, 2006.

3. Some of you may have noticed my blog is having some formatting issues. I am well aware of this but I have been unsuccessful in trying to correct it. If you want to offer your help I would be more than willing to accept :-).

4. I am still in Ohio. I will be here for 2 more weeks. I am doing my Food Animal (Llamas, Alpacas, goats, and sheep) rotation. They were kind of lacking on these types of cases this week and mainly we saw dairy cattle. But we did get a client who brought in their 3 pet camels. I took tons of pictures and I will put them up sometime next week. Next week is Ohio's Camelid Confrence, so I will be assisting in many of these labs.
This weekend I am visiting Logan, Kristin, and Anya in Ann Arbor, MI. Last night, despite getting loss getting out of Columbus, getting a speeding ticket on a side highway (where I realized Ohio's side-highway speed limit is 55mph and not 65mph) from a young guy whose hat barely fit on his head, then following a detour from an "old" detour sign they forgot to take down and ending up in the middle of no where, I was more than happy to end up in Ann Arbor. I will let you know how it goes. All I know is that it was very refreshing to get a good night's sleep.

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