Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Week of March 28th

Hi all,
well I am finishing up my last week here in Ohio. This week is kind of in a state of choas this week with the Class of 2006 finishing up their last week in clinics and the Class of 2007 starting up (this is at Ohio anyway). So upon my mom's suggesting I am going to take 2 personal days on Thursday and Friday to drive to Wisconsin. Nathan is flying into Columbus on Thursday. We are going to leave from their and drive to Pleasant Prairie. On Friday we are going to visit a few apartments:


I really like the first one :-D How fun would it be to live somewhere that has all these art outlets :-D But we will see.
On Friday night we are going to run up to Neenah and see Nathan's family. Then on Saturday morning we head to Champaign to visit Grant and Sheryl (for Sheryl's b-day). Then Sunday we race back to Okalahoma and hopefully get back before the kennel closes so I can get my babies :-D. But Mason loves the kennel so much, I am sure he won't mind staying an extra night.

I think there is going to be 3 things I will miss about oklahoma.

1. Fresh brewed ice tea. You never have to ask a waitress/waiter if their ice tea is fresh brewed...it always is.
2. My scrapbook store. Not only do I like the products they offer (which are sold at reasonable prices), the great crops, but the owners are so friendly and took the extra mile to learn their customer's name
3. The kennel. Not only do they charge dirt cheap prices ($7 or so per night forMason), their facility is spot less, they know me by name and they go one and on about Mason and Oscar :-D. But the biggest thing is that they take Mason outside to play everyday (hence the reason he never wants to leave) and they cuddle with Oscar alot since he is one of the few cats who is taht friendly.

Anyway, I am procrastination, cleaning out my car and getting ready for the trip back to Oklahoma

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