Friday, April 14, 2006

“Shhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet! I'm hunting duck butts! Hahahahahaha!”

Yes, it is that season again. Two days before Easter and we (hopefully with your help)will help in the hunt for duck butts.

What is a duck butt?

Affectionately named by Anne, orginally duck butt was adopted from Walmart. This became Mason's ultimate passion in life. He spent many hours each and every day nibble the butt (and yes, only the butt) of duck butt. Duck butt traveled all over the country with us. From Oklahoma, a short stay in TN, NJ, OH, WI, IL.

When Oscar came along, Mason taught him amount the special relationships with duck butt. Oscar soon acquired mini-duck butt and soon Oscar would carry it around the house, talk to it every night, and bathe it in the water bowl every early morning.

Why a new duck butt?

There was a tragic ending to the love story b/w Mason and duckbutt. One icy Oklahoma night, duck butt was left outside and he froze. Mason conmensed on nibbling the following day and let's just say the end result was not pretty. Duck butt had to be buried in the trash can. Mason, mourned for days.

When is the best time to find a duck butt?
Right after easter. All the duck butts are put on sale. Unfortuntely we have only Walmart here in town and I am worried that there will be a short (or no) supply of them. Here is where you come into place.

This is a few examples of duck butts:

So these are few examples. Note that they all have a rather large, pointy, back end. They come in many sizes and shapes. Colors don't really matter. But we are in need of a mini and a large duck butt (or a small stock pile of them).

So here is your mission: Scour your Walmart, Meijer, and Target for these little fellows. Mason and Oscar are desparate. So your help is needed.

E-mail me if you need my address.

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