Monday, July 10, 2006

Random Thoughts and Comments for the Week

1. While Grant and Sheryl where here we got to talking about the "standard" appearance in which geeks typically tend to conform to over time. Take a minute and think about all the geeks you know. Are the generalities in their appearance? Here is what we all came up with:
- Long (stringy and/or greasy) hair
- An attempt to grow facial hair that just turns out like uneven hair blotches on the face.
- Jeans and an old t-shirt (an added plus if it relates to a game or computers)
- Either tall and skinny as a stick, or shorter and around in the middle
- If they are of Caucasian descent: skin so white that it hurts your eyes.

2. Did you know that it is considered "taboo" to have a baby shower in the Jewish faith? It it thought that a baby shower may arouse the "evil" spirits and give your baby bad luck. The most superstition of parents to be won't even mention the name of their new one to family or friends until after the birth. I learned this today from my mom before I sent out the quilt I finished for Baby Bell. But after all the work I did on it (even though it isn't perfect -- still learning) I just wanted to get it out the door and especially out of reach of Oscar (who will find anyway possible to sit on any quilt I make). Pics to come.

3. Speaking of Oscar. Over the last week and a half we have had 3 sets of people who have slept in our living room. Every morning I asked how they slept and if Oscar cuddled with them. Everyone of them said they heard lots of noise in the kitchen overnight. What would be really interesting is to set up a camera overnight and watch what Oscar does. Or perhaps we really don't want to know.

4. At work we were all split into team to redo an exam room for $200. After some brainstorming my team decided to go with a jungle theme. One of the things I definitely wanted to do was add new seating in the exam room. Right now there is 1 beat-up wood chair. My original plan was to make a built-in corner bench with storage and jungle themed cushions that could attach to the wall. But while Nathan and I were in Menards, Nathan once again pointed out reality to me. A bench like that would cost at least $100 to build....which wouldn't leave us with enough money to do the rest of the room.
So today, I came up with a budget for 3 different plans to the room: All 3 scenarios include a refinished seat of some sort from a rummage/estate sale, a coat of primer paint, and a parrot clock from eBay. One idea from a team member was to do a mural on the wall (if she can get her friend to do it b/c none of us are decorative painters). However with this idea we could afford only 6 1-quart cans of acrylic paint. Another idea would be to have a digital mural (VERY LARGE POSTER) printed up. The final idea (sugg. by Adam) was to rasterbate an image. What does rasterbate mean? Well it is basically a technique in which a large image is printed on several to many pieces of paper that can then be taped, mounted, or framed to form a very large poster. So I will keep you updated on the progress of the room.

5. Just a reminder to myself to decide what to write about my new nemesis.

Oh is getting late. Time to hit the sack. Have a great week.

PS. Outlook and my cell phone had it out a few weeks ago and I lost some of my addresses and phone numbers. If you remember can you e-mail me with your current info.

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Anne said...

Scott does have patchy facial hair...and he does have a FTW shirt.
I have two friends from Tulsa that fit the bill PERFECTLY...Kim and I recently had dinner at Fuji's with them, and you may remember them from the wedding. One was Tall, starvation thin, instead of long- poofy hair, and transparent...not pale. other is a little rounder, has long hair, and is not quite as pale.
lol geeks have to be able to identify each other to remain safe, Brooke.
You need to stop attracting nemesis-es...nemesi...persons against your moral coil...;)