Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Updates

I have a few updates for today.

1. Looks like Blogger has increased user friendlyness. So I took a little stab at playing with their new beta version. Do you like the look? Do you want your blog added to my links? Does something look weird? Comments welcome.

2. This weekend I got "spoofed." Now. thousands of people around the country have reieved e-mails from my domain name on how to "enlarge their penis". And now I am getting a bazillion returen e-mails into my mailbox. So let's take a daydream into Brooke's mind. What kind of person can sleep at night knowing they are an internet spammer. After several contestants competed in my head for the rights to trigger a mental image when I think of penis enlargement spammer the winner is....(drum roll please).... a 35-45 year old while male, with black greasy hair, sleezy eyes, skinny as a rail, sitting in the dark basement of his mother's house trying to pass the lonely night. Enough about that, I am making myself nasous.

3. Well we found a house! Actually it was one we found a few weeks ago but now Nathan is on the bandwagon. So we are making the offer today, trying to keep Nathan's words of wisdom in mind "Don't come to the negotiating table, being emotionally attached to the house". We will just try to forget that yesterday we went to Menards and a furniture store to look at paints, curtains/window treatments, browse at flooring, and chat about small projects for the next 5 years.

4. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but no one ever said an old dog can't teach you new tricks. Mason is on Rimadyl for his arthritis. He is doing wonderfully on it. He gets his chewable pill (aka treat) after our morning walk and after he goes outside around 7pm. Over the last couple days i noticed that every 15-30 min he wants to go outside, when he comes in he goes to his Ernie cookie jar to await his medicine. If you don't give him a treat he whines to go back outside.

5. Oscar has found a brand new place to sleep. In our apartment we have a stackable washer and dryer. We usually leave the dryer door opened a little. Well if the there are clothes in there and the bell has just recentely went off, it is nice and cozy and this is where we can find Oscar.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am hurt I didn't get a penis enlarger email...*sniff*
uh...on second thought...strike that...
Hope the house stuff works out!
Still busy castrating and living up to the name Dr. Death...
Take care,