Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cake vs. Child.

This week I finished my second Wilton Cake Course. My final project turned out as above. I realize that I took some crappy pictures of the cake. But despite my troubles with Royal icing (2 weeks in a row), I was able to produce a descent cake. So needless to say this cake took me about 8 hours to make (over about 4 weeks). I brought the cake into work (as I usually do) and placed it in the staff lounge. Usually the cake sits there on display until very late morning or early afternoon.

Now on with the story. So one of my client was paying her bill and had been allowing her 3-4 year old daughter run around. Her daughter went into the staff lounge, saw the cake and with her grubby little fingers started stuffing my uncut cake into her mouth as fast as she could. When the front desk staff alerted her, that her daughter was doing this all she said was "She Loves Cake". No apology, no discipline, no guilt. This story would have been cute and funny if...the daughter was taught a lesson or the woman apologized. But instead you are left to wonder... Obviously the girl knew no better but instead of being told that is not acceptable behavior she now thinks it is OK to use/eat/handle(whatever verb you put in her) other peoples things.

Ok, a little more about our househunting experiences. We saw several more houses (that were much closer to what we were looking for). One house we saw, looked gorgeous on paper (and from the pictures). The layout was perfect, the backyard was huge, and it was in a nice neighborhood. Then we saw it in person. Apparently some guy bought this house (built in 2005) when there was only the frame and tried to finish it himself. The drywall was curvy, railings were loose to the point of breaking off the wall (not to mention the one railing that was a bit too short and lengthened with putty). The beautiful granite counters put on the cheapest cabinetry you ever saw (not to mention that the inside of each cabinet contained several "extra" screw holes where he had messed up). One side of the cabinet didn't quite meet up with the window the other side partially covered the window. The beautiful wood fence didn't meet up quite perfect and where each fence section was suppose to align there was 20-30 screws and nails attempting to hold it together. Outside, some siding was falling off, and the rest of it was put on crooked. It was a shame, this house has soo much potential but at this point it needs to be striped own to the studs and be rebuilt.

We did however see two houses that I liked. They were right across the street from each other in a cul-de-sac of a very nice neighborhood. Both had great properties, nice kitchens, good layouts. Nathan is concerned that their laundry rooms are in the mudroom (that is essentially a small hallway from the kitchen to the garages. Once house would need the kitchen floor replaced and the interior would have to painted in colors that fit our style, while the other house didn't have a fence or a deck built on it yet. But they two are definitely at the top of our list. I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Yeah they should have beat the kid senseless

Dr. Anne said...

I'm all about beating children...that's what twitch handles are for ;)
You should have run in there and screamed "Don't eat that! That's for my DYING GRANDMOTHER!!!"
The mother should have been beaten too...or charged a bit extra on her bill....;)