Monday, October 02, 2006

Flea Market

I forgot to add the most important adventure from this past weekend. Nathan and I decided to venture over to the 7 Mile Fair ... aka a fairly large indoor/outdoor flea market. Since the olden days (ten years ago :-D ) I compared all flea markets to those in Florida (ie - Festival Flea Market and the Swap Shop). Over the years flea markets have seen a shift of the type of merchandise they sell. Originally flea markets were a place to sell your unwanted or homemade junk. A huge garage sale as you will. In the late 80's and 90's a flea market provided adequate choices of hair doohickeys, screened t-shirts, silver jewelry, and dried flowers. Nowadays the dusty aisles of your outdoor flea markets or the dark, cramped rows of your indoor flea markets are filled with audio equipment and car parts of questionable origin, mixed in with your $1 brown box shops.

On to the the 7 mile fair which turned out to be an interesting change of pace. As expected we there was your fair share of auto parts and audio equipment. Certain sections outside even went back to the archaic flea market times by selling any type of tool or appliance that was covered with at least 90% rust. A few neat finds included some old Oscilloscopes, a radio flyer, and any tool you could imagine. But as we were walking we wondered into 1st the "food" section. There were live chickens and pigeons (and I believe ducks) stuffed into small cages fro sale. And for those who preferred them dead, yes, you could find your evening meal from the cooler next to these cages. Oh let's not forget about the reptile guy who was selling turtles, snakes, and yes even a crocodile. So you wonder around some more and happen into the dog section were you could buy your very own "designer dog" (aka mutt) for a sale price of $375-625. Just when you thought you were done we happened upon the pet avian section where could buy your pick of several parrots or small birds or hedgehogs.

And yes, we did even see someone leaving with the kitchen sink :-D

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Grant Pitel said...

Flordia swap shop was just down a while ago.