Monday, November 06, 2006

Communicating with Mason and Oscar

Gee, has it been a month already. I will back-up and tell you about the move (along with pictures), the visit from mom and dad (this past weekend), paintings lots of things etc. But for now I am going to tell you about our experience with the Animal Communicator this weekend. A little background. My boss kept hearing these amazing experiences people were having with this "pet psychic". So as a skeptic she decided to take her dog to it and was amazed at what this communicator told her. So as a fun treat for the staff, they paid a portion of her fee to come and communicate with the staff's animals. So I signed up with Mason and Oscar (and took mom along).
Here is what she had to say:

Pain: Mason started telling her how much he was in pain. He was hurting in his left hip, left knee, right hock, and both wrists. He wanted to know if I could make the pain go away, if I could help him breathe better, and if I could tell him if it was going to get worst. At this point I am crying (heck, I crying about it at the moment). The communicator wanted to know what I wanted to tell him. I can't make the pain go away, I can't make him breathe better, I have tried and all I am left with his pain control. He said he wasn't ready to go quite yet but he would let us know when he is. For right now he requested to be outside more often and to have a window open to help him breathe. ** I am still digesting the first portion of this reading and I am not quite sure about how to feel about this lady. Obviously you can tell just by looking at him that his age is rapidly catching up with him. But I don't know what to think from here.
Next the communicator, said he was talking about wetting his food and why it isn't done any more. At this point I look at mom who smiles at me. Mom use to always but some warm broth leftover on his food. He said he didn't mind the dry food but would like something wet on it from time to time. He then said that he likes his bed to be near the kitchen so he can see what is going on around him. The communicator
said he was talking about window wells, that he was worried something was going to get stuck in them. This was a strange comment, b/c our new house has 2 uncovered window wells in the front yard. But I know he has wondered over there once or twice. He requested that I look in those wells daily to make sure no critter is in them. I agreed. The communicator then said she was getting images of some type of pink food -- like a salmon fillet. Mason wanted some salmon and wondered if I could give it to him. I said no, he could have some pizza. He said that would be ok but he really wanted salmon. I said that gives him gas.

Brother - She said that Mason missed his brother, that he didn't know what happened to him. And wondered if there was another dog that use to live with us. I said he lived with 2 dogs in NJ before we left (but now that I think about it, it would have been Charlie who he lived with for 2 years and was very close to). Mason said he understood about Tippy but wanted to know if the other one was happy and well taken care of.

Mason then went on say he knows he has to be careful about the carpet. Weather it meant the carpeted stairs or the carpet to Nathan's office in the last two apartments who knows. I went on to ask the communicator to tell Mason not to go upstairs b/c it isn't good for him. But he says he doesn't want to be left out and will still go up them.

I then got to ask questions. First I asked if he likes to stay at the animal hospital or he likes the pet sitter. He says he likes either one. Then I asked if he minded Oscar kneading on him. Mason that what that is? No he doesn't mind since Oscar seems to like it. In the final thoughts of his session, she said Mason asked if he was going to be euthanized now. The communicator said, no remember you said you weren't ready to go, and he said oh, yea. So she said he had some dementia going on.

A little background. Oscar was in super curious mode the day of his communication. Just as we were about to begin with Mason, he decided to jump on the counter, knock her water to the ground along with some brochures. During Mason's reading he was jumping around the room, into the communicator's lap, looking at the window trying to catch bugs. With that said, on with Oscar:

After a few seconds of "communicating" with him the communicator said he is a very CURIOUS cat. He wanted to know where she lived, who she was, where she came from, if she could come visit him...etc. She explained to him in the communicator code who she was and what she was doing. Oscar said he was a very curious cat. He loves to run, and jump and especially swing from things. When he isn't swinging he likes to dream of swinging just like Tarzan. If he was a human he would be a trapeze artist. He said he has NO fear he will take on anything and likes to do so in front of an audience. He said he was smarter than the average cat and wondered if we noticed? (um, no). He said he wants to try more human food and would like it if we gave him small portions of our food. I said no. Then the communicator said he was VERY INTENSE about going outside. He needed to check things out and wanted to know if I would let him do that. I said on the next nice day.

He then asked "Are there bone fragments in my food?" "Those are things are bone fragments" " Are bone fragments good for me?" I said there were no bone fragments in the food. "Are you sure?" Yes, I am sure.

Then he said he would like to have another cat (or small dog) to play with. But he was very insistent that this small new pet would like him. But he needed a playmate. Then he wanted to know what was wrong with Mason, is he ok, (insert more tears from me). I said no, we slow down as we get older and we love him and will keep him around as long as he wants to be here. Oscar was worried what would happen to him when Mason went, if he would be all alone or would get a new pet. That he was afraid.

The communicator said he was talking about an aerosol can Nathan ("the man") had and wanted to know what he was doing, and what that can was. I said Nathan was spraying wasps. Oscar wanted to know if they would get into the house. I said no. Oscar wanted to know if he would see that can when we get home. I said sure.

Now on the the question portion
1. Do you like the pet sitter or staying at the animal hospital? He said he doesn't like the animal hospital. He LOVES the pet sitter and asked if she was coming to visit. He likes her b/c she talks to him.
2. Why do you knead on Mason? Well an animal that big should be a source of some nutrition. But it makes him feel good.
3. Why do you like Nathan so much? I like the water it is a fun game. And I really like the bathroom. But I also like his belly.
4. Why are you scared of the vacuum? He says its not clear but at some point there was something loud and blowing air on him on purpose. But he was out of it in this picture.
5. Stay out of the bedroom and off of the counters. Why he asks? B/c no animals on the counters and Nathan is allergic to you. He says, how is that my problem? B/c it makes him sick. Well I am not going to change.

So that was the animal communicator experience. And I know that pretty much everything she told us came from a fine-tuned skill in reading faces, emotions, the way we/our animals walk, dress ourselves, or seeing how they act in the room. I know she told me nothing new about Mason, heck most people choose to tell me what is wrong with him. But she said it in a way, like it was coming from him. Mason telling me he hurt, why can't I make the pain go away...etc. A cheap shot? maybe, a useful resource? maybe, and yet why does this truth I already know, still hurt so much? My brain knows better, my logic is swinging its arms wildly to pay attention - this lady is a quack, you are doing your best to keep him comfortable, this is a normal process of aging (add in all medical terminology here) you can't do anything to stop it, you know when it will be time. But my heart still feels like a dagger was put through it, when she said Why can't you make the hurt go away?

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