Monday, November 20, 2006

Pitel Bloopers

Log: November 20th 2006, It started one blistery cold Monday morning. The rents and his wife had taken off for a small day trip to Flemington. Grant was left by his lonesome......

Nathan receives an IM from Grant. He is locked out of the house, without a coat, without a cell phone. He only had his PDA to sustain communication with the outside world. Nathan signals to me to call my parents to ask what to do. Dad picks up. He is in the middle of a business meeting but tells Grant that there is a key under the white flowerpot. Yes, yes my surprise I find out everyone has their own version of the key under the bunny rabbit. I convey this message to Grant via IM. He is unable to find the key. A phone call to Dad, finds he is unable to assist any further and my mom appears to be MIA. Grant suggests calling his wife (at this point I am unaware she is too in Flemington). Sheryl is unsure what to do and needs to have a pow wow with my mom. A few minutes later my mom calls to save the day and to instruct Grant where the key actually was.

Now we may feel sorry for Grant, outside in the cold without a coat. But there is more humor to be found in the story since this was not the first time Grant had locked himself out of the house.

Moral of the story. 1. Wear a coat when you go outside. 2. Don't lock the door when you are just bumming around the yard. 3. Always have a PDA on your side if you are lacking a cell phone.

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