Sunday, September 18, 2005

Finding Harry

Ok, so I forgot to finish the epic of finding Harry. As the day went on Nathan finally called those guys on my cell phone and then his. Of course they stopped answering and we were rerouted to their voice mail. This guy is named Casey. At this point we just figured that they were druken fools.

Then next morning I get a call and a lady says..."I found your tortoise!" I was so excited. She gave me her address and I threw on some clothes (since I was still in my pjs) and ran over there. And so it happens, this lady and her husband (retirement aged) were moving into their new house, one street above us and they saw this tortoise walking up the street. She remembered seeing my signs hung up around the neighborhood and called. Nathan and I baked them brownies and got to meet their dog. So to make a long story short, Harry is back home.

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