Saturday, September 17, 2011

Theme: Clothing

Tot School
Theme: Clothing
Letter: S
Color: Blue
Number: 1

To start off the week I printed out some reminders of the things that we were going to learn this week.  I hung them in the kitchen and found S going to them several times a day to go over them with me.  I really think this helped reinforce some of the things we were learning especially the letter S.

S and I were a little bit under the weather towards the end of this week so we didn't get everything done that I had planned.  Instead I just went with the flow and we did alot more motor related activities.

Monday: We probably did the most on this day.  S is still loving using the dry erase marker on this S worksheets.  The way he holds the pen is definitely beginning to change as he gets more practice.  The dot paints on the other hand are becoming more of a messy affair as he likes to now use his thumb as a way to apply the paint to the  paper.  

 I tried to add some objects for S to make imprints in the Play-doh but he is  still mainly interested in pounding and feeling the Play-doh.


We read Pete the Cat and Nap Time for Kitty.  In between reading and doing worksheets S wanted to play with his Mickey Shape Sorter and Farmer See N Say.  Outside we got out his easel and he had a blast using the chalks.  

Tuesday: We went to story time again and S did well .  The theme for storytime was on the farm so he was well prepared to recognize all the farm animals.  We also picked out some new books.  At his point I think we are going to stick with the board books since I can trust him not to rip out the pages.  Thus the books will probably not follow the weekly theme.
This we a favorite book of the week since S knew there was an Apple in it.  He we sit down and go through each page saying "Apple".

S enjoyed pointing and finding all the animals in this book.
Whose... Ears? (Whose Lift the Flap)

Baby: Pets!

SOCKS: Later in the day we did some matching with different types of socks.  We also had a little puppet show with the socks that we were using to match.

Thursday: We tried to do a few crafts.
 Supplies: Printout of pants and shirt
               Colored Cheerios or multi-colored pasta
               Glue, q-tips, paper plate
I showed S how to apply the glue to the cheerios and then stick them on the piece of paper to decorate the clothing.  But learn from my mistakes.  I should have showed him how to apply the glue to the paper and then stick the cheerios on the glue.  I had a difficult time trying to convince S that you don't eat the Cheerio or pasta after applying the glue.  :)

I actually found S reading some books and doing his puzzles several times on this own this week.  Progress!

Friday: Today we had a find the blue items hunt.  I hid lots of blue items and S had to find them and put them in his bag as he said the word -- Blue.  He loves running around the house and looking for items.

Here is some of the items that he found.

S was really into building this week.  We had the Legos out almost every day.  He likes to make large towers.


Amanda said...

Looks like fun! I like the gluing on the clothes - great fine motor skills. My son is 21 months and may like this. Thanks for sharing!

Annette said...

He is such a little cutie! We are going to do the color hunt for the first time this week. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for sharing!

Marlynn said...

Love the idea of a color hunt! And those books look like lots of fun!

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