Sunday, September 04, 2011

Tot School - Week 2 Letter B (21 months)

Tot School

We attempted to do two crafts this week. The first one was a lady bug. I got the idea from No Time for Flash Cards. S did really well with the painting and gluing and even laced the pipe cleaner through the holes. The second craft project was suppose to be a Bee but S was having no part of Tot school that day so we had to abort that particular day's project. We had also planned to have fun with the finger paints on the easel I got at a garage sale but it was so hot outside I decided to postpone this project until next week. At least we got one craft project done :)
Painting a paper plate red
Gluing pieces on the ladybug
Finished Ladybug

Worksheets: The dot to dot paints continue to be a ton of fun for S. He is really getting the hang of dotting the objects. However he finds that the caps of the paints are just as much fun to stack and put back on the paints.
I don't have a laminator so I glued the weaving printout onto a piece of thin cardboard. S is really loving the weaving and this week he was able to hold and weave at the same time.
We tried some stamps this week with NON-TOXIC ink. I know I have bigger stamps somewhere but I have to dig them out of our packed boxes. At first S really thought the stamp was interesting. So while he was doing this I turned away for about 20 seconds and......

I turned around to find that apparently the ink is also yummy. Luckily it washed off pretty easily.
S still really likes the foam puzzles
We also did a little bit of sorting with bears and puff balls. We are still working on books. I fortunately had picked up a lift the flap book at the library and we were able to get through a whole book. I am hoping if we keep trying he will eventually sit still while we try to read him one.

I tried the sensory bin this week. S doesn't have alot of balls yet but luckily we have 2 spoiled cats and a dog with a whole basket of balls. S's favorite ball was a small green squishy cat ball. But he had fun putting all the balls back into the laundry basket.

Cooking: Each week I would like to do a little cooking/baking exercise with S since he loves kitchen utensils. However this week was a special treat since he got to do some baking with Daddy. This was S's first cookie making experience and first up on the menu - raisin, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
S helped Daddy pour all the ingredients into the mixer.

S helped Daddy beat the eggs
Of course the best part was eating. S insists that when a cookie is eaten it must be done in a Cookie Monster-like fashion. Hmmm... cookie.

The other cooking activity I had planned for a little later in the week was learning how to peel and cut a banana. We used a plastic knife of course.
B Activities: We did two B activities this week (well kind of ). First we went big boy bed shopping. Of course S really liked the loft beds with steps and ladders (I don't think so little guy). We didn't find anything we liked but S kept himself entertained by opening all the drawers on the storage beds. The second activity was getting to hear the baby on the doppler at the doctor's office. He always gets really smiley when he gets to hear the heartbeat.


Amanda said...

Awww- I love that he gets happy hearing his little brother or sister's heartbeat. That's so sweet!

Big boy bed shopping-- wow! We ended up just putting a mattress on the floor at first to transition our son to a bed. I think he was about 21 mos or so.

Baking is another fun letter "b" activity! What kid doesn't like to bake cookies with mom or dad? :)

Lulu said...

Well in Australia we would say you baked biscuits. So more B`s!

Great week! Love his look of concentration with dot markers. My almost 21 month old likes the lids the most too.

Lovely craft too! B for bug!