Wednesday, June 08, 2005

1st official post

Ok, I thought this thingy was suppose to be easy? I can't figure out how to make it look less unfinished. Oh well, maybe b/c I am tired.

Hmmm...a quick update on me? I am on my third veterinary rotation as a 4th year: Diagnostics. What does that mean? well in the morning we look at slides and in the afternoon we cut up the animals that die over in the vet hospital (necropsy). The smells in the necropsy room definetely take you back to freshman dog and horse anatomy. Our schedule isn't as "time consuming" as some of the other rotations, so I am using that time to prepare my 20 minute presenation for Grand Rounds and study for my National Boards.

Enough with vet school, what else is going on? Well it is summer in Stillwater. The temp reaches 90 degrees before 8am but on the plus side WalMart is not as busy since the students left.
Question of the day: How do you know you live in a small town?
Answer: You are excited that WalMart is remodeling.

Anya (the doggie we adopted for Logan and Kristin) is adjusting well to home life. We heard her bark for the first time last night at the handy man working next door. She is no longer petrified of Oscar and they spend their days chasing each other around the house. Oscar has found a brand new "spot" to hamper. He picked up his mini-duck butt animal and jumped into the hamper for a nice snooze. When he was done he picked duck-butt up and dragged him out of the hamper. Only Mason could have taught a cat to love stuff animals. Oscar has also developed a new hobby. Apparentely, toads like to sit next to our sliding glass door at night and of course Oscar must watch them intenetly for any sudden moves.

It is getting late. I better get all the pets ready for bed.

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