Friday, June 24, 2005

The Madness of Mad Cow Disease

Good grief. Today, another case of BSE was reported in Washington State. Thus I expect to see another round of mass hysteria as uneducated consumers become paniced that tomorrow they themselfs will start frothing at the mouth and disoriented. That in addition to the conspiracy theories that are rapidly spreading that the USDA is "hiding" other cases from the media. So everyone take out your purses and cash in your bonds b/c you are going to be paying for it, if you want to eat meat.

Its frustration how fast, uneducated rumors fly around. First of all there are millions upon millions of cattle slaugtered each year in addition to the theory this BSE can only be transmitted via neural tissue (brain and spinal cord). I don't know about you but cow brain has never been and will never be at the top of my dinner menu. Ok, ok, so the verdict is still out on blood, milk, and semen. But it if does come back that BSE can be transmitted like this, I assume it would have to be in quanities beyond our ability to in take. So...I think Americans have more to worry about (obesity, diabetes, cancer, AIDS) then whether or not they would fit into that minuscule percentage in which they may fit only in the "at risk" range. I would rather spend my time worrying about a volcanic eruption in Oklahoma (at least the percentages are better).

There are ALOT of reportable diseaes that vets have to keep an eye out for. If an animal presents with symptoms that "could" be associated with a reportable disease then you call the state vet and they take care of the investigation. Vets are obligated (by law) to err on the safe side. So although a full fledged investigation may be conducted, the results more than likely are going to be negative for BSE, and thus is not reported to the media.

So word of wisdom for the day: Educate yourself before becoming Chicken Little

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