Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Feud over Pig Diarrhea

Ok, now that I have had close to a week to fume, digest, and now think logically about the whole situation I should begin the story about my Grand Rounds topic. Every 4th year student must give a 20 minute presentation about any topic they wish, as long as it has to due with veterinary medicine. Then each Friday morning 2 students give their presentations. In preparation for our national board review exam I wanted to do a "review" presentation on pig diarrhea ( a populuar topic on the boards which most schools spend little time on). Six weeks ago I found my advisor and started collecting info and checking out books. Well this pass Friday after the morning presentations, I got an opportunity to chat with a friend who just returned to the vet school from his off campus rotations. I was telling him about my Grand Rounds Topic, how I have been working on it. In our talk, he reminded me I had to sign up for the presentation. Anyway, later in the day, as I was walkign into the Pathology building he drove up in his car and said that one of the Ross University students had over heard our conversation this morning and ran downstairs to sign up my topic. Of all the topics she could possibly do, why did this girl (whom I don't even know) decide to steal my idea. Ok, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe the story isn't the way it appears. I went to talk to the secretary you sign up with. She had signed up for the same topic as I did, word for word and hadn't even found an advisor. I believe that flames where literally coming out of my ears I was so pissed I could hardly contain my anger. The secretary agreed to talk it over with the clinican involved in the presentation. So after coming to see her several times, she said "you can both do the same topic, just sit down with her and make sure you review different subjects". it the ole' Oklahoma way, avoid the confrentation and pass the buck. I must have rolled my eyes or raised my eyebrows at this b/c then she said, well you tell her what you are doing your topic on and if she has a problem, tell her to come see me. Fine, not the way I would have handled it considering her level of dishonesty and the fact her presenation is 2 weeks before mine, making me look like the idot for doing the same topic twice. oh, and after asking around to seee "who she was" I always get these sour faces and evidentely she doesn't have the best reputation. I can see why.

Ok so that is my vent for the day.


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