Monday, June 20, 2005

Ten Things That Annoy You When You Drive

10. When pedestrians are chatting on the cell phone and walking right into the street without looking. One day I won't be so nice and I WILL run you and your cellie over.

9. People who can't go the speed limit on the highway

8. Tailgaiters...sorry that includes you too mom. Riding my ass is not going to get me over in the other lane any sooner.

7. In construction zones, where 2-3 lanes merge into one and there is always a long line of people waiting their turn to get pass the construction. Yet for some reason some "better then thou" people decide it is their privilege to wait until the past possible moment to merge thereby skipping their "wait time" in line.

6. People who allow their dogs to ride free in the back of their pick-up trucks, going 80 mph down the highway. Heelers are not the smartest creatures, it is NOT uncommon for one of your heelers to lean just a "little" too far.

5. Rubber neckers. I know it is fascinating to see the EMTs scrap remains off the road, but people PLEASE! keep on driving. Curiosity killed the cat.

4. If you smoke...fine, that is your own business. But for heaven's sake, use the ashtrays in your car. Flicking a smoldering scrap, of nicotine laden, cigarette remains is a great way to gain enemies real quick.

3. Ok, you LAZY customers at WALMART. The parking lot is cramped already, there are always massive amounts of customers hopping in and out of Walmart. But when you wait ten minutes for a mom of 3 to load her kids and her week's worth of groceries in to a car so you can get that "first" parking spot and not have to walk that extra 20 feet, I think you may have problems. It is one thing if you are legidmately disabled or elderly but other then that, I think everyone can use the exercise.

2. My car doesn't have an invisible forcefield. Thus, becareful when getting out of your car or putting your shopping carts away.

1. People who talk on cells phones while driving and think they are all of a sudden cruising alone over a bunch of fluffy clouds. They slow down, speed up, swerve from one lane to another, cut in front of people, miss traffic lights.

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