Monday, June 13, 2005

Is it Monday already? Why is it that the weekend goes by so fast ? At least I got alot of "chores done". On Sat morning, Nathan and I made a deal. He would come with me to the Garden Show and I would wash his car. We get to the garden show and I ask where all the demos are going to be held, since this is what I really want to see. The woman says all the demo's have been canceled due to "threat" of rain. Funny? it was sunny out . So we just walked around the gardens a bit amongst grey haired couples with their sun hats on. But to make this long paragraph shorter, Nathan was kind enough to help me wash our cars. On Sunday, he taught me how to wax my Corolla. All the while, scenes from "The Karate Kid" run though my mind....wax on....wax off.

On Friday I was in a major purging mode due to a highly dishonest incident played on me at school. So I decided to reorganize all my notes from years 1-3 of vet school. Not (from what I soon found out) an easy task. For 2 days I had papers spewed everywhere in an attempt to condense the useful papers from the crap I would never look at again. Mission accomplished...Sat night.

On Friday, Nathan and I also had dinner with a friend of ours from Wisconsin, who had spent the week here in Stillwater take his CPE exam. We worked in the Orthopaedic Lab back in they day. IT was great to catch up with him and meet his new wife who was very sweet.

On Sunday, Mason, Oscar, and I went to the nursing home. Most people where sleeping, but that didn't stop the nursing from giggling at Oscar who walks on a leash right next to Mason as though he were a dog. What a pair. Some of the residents really like have both of them nudge each other out of the way for their undivided attention.

I am still waiting for Adam to fulfill his bet with me (over the NCAA game WI vs Bucknell) or should I rename you Scanning Slave :-D .

Ok, Ok enough procrastinating. Gotta do my assignment for tonight and study a few topics for Natioal Boards.

Ok my fun site for the day: . An who said that cats aren't tolerant?

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